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Makeup Lessons

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virtual makeup lessons
group makeup lessons

Whether you want to enhance your product knowledge for better skincare or master that stunning glam eye look, I've got you covered!

During our session, I'll guide you through the art of flawless makeup application tailored to your unique skin type, face shape, eye shape, and colouring.

When you leave, you'll carry with you a personalised makeup look, giving you the confidence to recreate it at home.

In-person lessons typically run for approximately 2 hours, with a total cost of €100 per person, prices can vary on your location.

Makeup lessons are available for one -on -one sessions or in a group setting. I'll provide all the necessary makeup and brushes for the lesson, but if you prefer, you can bring your own makeup and brushes, allowing me to show you how to make the most of your personal kit.

These lessons cater to all skill levels, ensuring a valuable experience for everyone.

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